Oct 28, 2009

This Sunday with Thierry Tomas


MOVIE & MUSIC by Dj Thierry Tomas (2 Deep, Moscow)
movie: Дни Радиo, 1987 реж. Вуди Аллен

Oct 22, 2009

New Mutant Disco mix

So here's a new mix specially for this friday event!

Rhythm Doctor mix for Mutant Disco @ Decadance by decadance

Oct 19, 2009

Dj Raf @ RTS.FM SPB Studio - 19.10.2009: DJ Set


Here is a last week Fanick's mix from internet radiostation rts.fm

Fanick @ RTS.FM SPB Studio - 14.10.2009 - DJ Set by decadance


Our long-time friend - Chris "Rhythm Doctor" Long drop few words on his Mutant Disco parties.

Q : when mutant disco started?
rhythm doctor: dec 1997 almost 12 years old! every month

Q : so what's the party motto?
rhythm doctor: serious fun. we always mutate to create- in 12 years, 3 generations of clubbers have come through the doors of md.

Q : crowd?
rhythm doctor: crowd has always been the people looking for new sounds, arty kids, & some original old school ravers!

Q : you exported it before from Tallinn to other places?
rhythm doctor: in london we have joined together with some similar parties - we made a party in herbal club with an event called 'steroid abuse' some crazy dudes i have known for a long time. also we were asked by hospital records to take over one room at their massive event when it was in heaven last year -raul saaremets & me plus we asked richard sen as our special guest

Q : you changed lot of styles during years - what's you up for right now?
rhythm doctor: that's right we are true mutants! of course 'dubstep' is major but that label doesn't really mean anything anymore as there are so may sub genres. i like zomby, terror danjah, 16bit & most things on hyperdub. away from 'dubstep' i like rafferties remix & productions, major lazer, dorian concept real house is making a comeback for me as well -slowly
oh & kuduro! tropical electronica i love all that

Q : any special words for SPb crowd?
rhythm doctor: i hope you will be kind enough to let me take you on a journey through all the crazy sounds & new music i love with those very special raw vintage house vibes. rhythmic therapy from digital juju master!


Marcus Worgull // Autumn DJ Mix // Warm Blog by warmhq

Oct 13, 2009

Some goodies from Acos CoolKas

So, here is some latest mix from our Omsk guys Acos CoolKas! Listen and Enjoy!

Positive sounds vol.3 by Acos CoolKAs

14/10, 21:00 - FANICK @ RTS.FM

Fanick @ RTS.FM SPB Studio - 14.10.2009: DJ Set

Oct 8, 2009


Movie: " Король Комедии, США 1982 г. "

Oct 5, 2009

Hey Folks!Here are some mixes of our beloved djs and musicians Kimbar and Vitalik.Stay tuned;-)

Kimbar The Outrageous Surgeon mix for SSmess @ Solyanka by decadance

Kimbar dj mix for White Party @ St-Petersburg July 2008 by decadance

Vitalik Extended tunes vol 5 by decadance

Fanick's october top 10 tracks on raketa4000.ru
9 - 10 october


Oct 1, 2009

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